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Author | TEDx Speaker | Life Coach | Educationist

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Talk Without F.E.A.R

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About Me
About Me

GDL is currently an Assistant Vice President - Training & Development and Head of Soft Skills Training at Imarticus Learning. GDL is the Founder and Lead Trainer at Project-7 and Ex-Director of Achieve School of Business. With over 9 years of entrepreneur experience. GDL has been in education and training as an ad-hoc trainer, focusing mainly on life skills, public speaking, motivation and self-development training.

My Book

Talk Without F.E.A.R: Learn the Art of Creation, Curation, and Presentation.

by Ganesh Datta Lakkur

If you love public speaking but don’t know where to start, then this book will take you through the journey, ensuring you achieve your dream of becoming a Public Speaker. This book is filled with proven methodologies, stories, experiences, formulas, lots of exercises, secrets, tips, tricks, self-evaluation tools, and most importantly, is led by our mascot “The Champ”, who will guide you throughout the book.

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Train Your Brain!

While going through this journey, you will understand the importance of every single exercise in the book. The intention is to help and guide you at every stage – from generating content to delivering it in the most precise manner with almost no flaws.

To master the art of public speaking, we must understand the techniques behind it, which are included in this book as a set of formulas and proven systems. Follow the steps in this book, and I am sure you will become a great Public Speaker.

If you have completed the exercises under train your brain section and uploaded your talks on any of the social media platforms, then share your link in the exercise form. I will send over a feedback to you.

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"Ganesh Datta, I would call him G – Glorious, D – Dreamer (visionary)."

Dr. Mahesh,

Principal, Jain College 

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