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Solo Trip - Madhya Pradesh - Ujjain Chapter

I got a chance to visit to Madhya Pradesh. Going all the way from Bengauru to MP. I boarded a train to Bhopal, from there I visited Ujjain.

I was curious to see the world famous Bhasmaarati and it was indeed a great experience. Ujjain's Lord Mahakaleshwar is one of the 12 jyotirlinga's of India. The Bhasmaarti is basically, the ashes of the last person's death in the city on the previous day, is collected and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This happens at 5 AM everyday, I had to reach the temple by 1AM and stand in the long queue, post which I got to witness Bhasmaarti.

I also got to visit the Kala Bhairav temple, who is the guardian diety for Ujjain. Surprisingly the offering people give here is alcohol, and the diety actually sucks it in. (shown in the video) and half of it is given back as prasad.

Yes, also got to witness the preparation of authentic bhaang, considered as the prasad of Lord Mahakaleshwar (shown in the video) and are government recognized.

Here is a glimpse of Ujjain and its importance.

Bhasma Arti Video reference:

Kal Bhairav Video reference:

Lots of Love,

Ganesh Datta Lakkur

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