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Societal Mindset - Revolution Series

We are in a society where, children are allowed only to listen to their teachers and not question them. Do you really think children would ever learn to think in their own capacities? It's time for the society to change minds and give space to all the kids around. This is a start to the revolutionary process of thinking! Just remember, you are giving space to the creation of a strong intellectual community around you!  Children are not to be forced to take up careers they hate, give them a chance to learn something they love and you will see a society which would accept anyone and everyone with warm hearts and love. Do like, share and subscribe to this video and my channel.  Shot completely on OnePlus 3T. With love,  Ganesh Datta Lakkur Special Mention. Pavan RC - Founder - ASOE School Aachieve Academy All the kids of AA

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