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Respect all Languages

We are failing to notice the hatred that is being developed between North Indians and South Indians based on language. This is increasing day by day and people are growing intolerant towards it. Abuses are being thrown against each other. Recently we even witnessed some hindi speaking people walking out of AR Rahman Sir's concert and asked for refund, because he sang tamil songs. We are also witnessing continuous hatred that is being developed between people. Off lately, this has become a major issue in many places across the country! Why do we fail to respect other languages, respecting it doesn't cost us anything, instead develops love and affections towards the other community all together. We are to be focused on working towards development of our country and not fight for language. Embrace all people, all languages and treat everyone as Indians irrespective of language, demography and race. Why create issues between ourselves? Love each and everyone and spread love and respect towards all languages and cultures. I have so many North Indian friends, I love all of them, most of them have been trying to learn Kannada too. Yet, there are some who hate to learn it! Infact the logo and website designed for me are by my two north Indian friends! Though the constitution has scheduled 22 languages across the country and each one has its own importance, imposition of a particular language will hurt the sentiments of the other cultures. Treating all languages with equal respect, would be the best suggestion to stop the hatred being spread across. Its only with our mindset we can stop all of these! These are my personal views and hoping to know more from your end too!

Intro Video Credits: Deepak Dee

Logo Credits: Siddharth Singh

Website Credits: Rishabh Lakhotia

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Comment your views and share it across! Lets spread love and not hatred!

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