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Resolution for Revolution - Revolution Series

How well can we reach our resolution targets? Do we actually reach it? Or do we just have resolutions for fun?  Here is a simple 4 step process for us to reach our resolutions!  Just follow them and you will be more than happy to witness yourself reach your targets. Remember, it is YOU who can do it and nobody else!  Meet Satvik Babu - 16 year old kid who has started off to work on his resolutions and become a successful person. Satvik's has started off "The Target" along with Sujith to inspire youngsters to make wonders.  Satvik & Sujith are ready to create a revolution! ARE YOU READY?  Lets create a strong resolution for this new year and create wonders! With Love, Ganesh Datta Lakkur Wish you all a very happy new year!  Special Mention: Achieve School of Education Thoughts from "Think and Grow Rich" - Napolean Hill

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