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Life or Society?

It is a saddening thought that strikes our mind about the current situation we humans have gotten ourselves into. What has happened to us? We are so much causing disturbances to our own community that has made suicides common. Most of them due to this question "What would Society think?"

Shot at Serenity Beach, Pondicherry by Namrata Patil.

Theodore Roosevelt rightly said "To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." We are at a stage where each one of us have the ability to understand the various scenarios of life and yet commit that crime we don't intend to do. Why don't we understand that our life is a part of the society that we live in and we are directly responsible for every other living HUMAN around us.

When death occurs, NO RELIGION, NO CASTE, NO CREED and NOT EVEN OUR OWN BODY gives a damn about us, so much hatred and so much ego for what? That has to be our bigger question today.

Our Society is at the epitome of perfection. All that we need to do is believe in each other and support each other without discrimination. We forget the root cause of our existence and keep fighting to ensure our fellow human kills himself because of the scenarios we have created around.

Its deeply hurting to see many youngsters facing suicidal tendencies because they are disowned by people around them. It is disheartening to witness individuals killing themselves because they have been disowned by the people they loved. It is disappointing to see ourselves in the same situation at one point of time in our life. We have created the society, we have built it with so much of efforts, we must not be the reason for its downfall. It is okay if someone helps a person from another caste/religion. It is okay if a person marries someone from another caste/religion. Our role will be to support them and share the joy of happiness along with them as after-all we are Humans and Humanity is the largest community.

One Life, this one life must be a reason for us to support our fellow humans and stand by them at whatsoever situation it is. If someone is going through depression, talk to them, make them feel comfortable, support them, stand by them and trust me you will be the most satisfied human being because YOU STOPPED A PERSON FROM COMMITTING SUICIDE.

I believe that Society begins with Life. There is Life in Society and that life is US. If we fail to hold on to the society, that's the end of our Life. So, my answer to the question Life? or Society is LIFE = SOCIETY.

With lots of Love,

Ganesh Datta Lakkur.

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