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Friendship - A Boon

The first Sunday in the month of August every year is celebrated as Friendship Day. There is a story behind it and most of them don’t know about it (neither do I) and it is being spread across on all social media platforms in different versions.

All of us tend to be happy meeting old friends and cherishing those memories, feeling nostalgic and talking about how times were then…. They were definitely the best times… Those days when we used to laugh hard, cry, fight and stood together and tied those beautifully crafted ‘Friendship BANDS’ and say to each other “MAGA WE ARE FRIENDS FOREVER.. Lets be the same until death does apart… however we are and whatever we are..”

For a fact most of the times, these words just become memories and we tend to change as we start growing… We start growing trying to be MATURE Enough and forget how we used to share a relationship before… Egoism kickstarts once we start living life apart. It reaches to such an extent that we forget our best friend’s existence and one fine day when so called best friends meet up we tend only to just greet each other, forgetting all those best times we spent together…

End of the day we are all humans and forgiveness is something we all need to learn… After all we just live for a span of 60-70 Years and all this Ego for…? We wouldn’t gain anything and in-turn lose the best of the best friends…. Mistakes are meant to be made by man and

Forgiveness is meant as a repercussion to it.

I don’t know why first Sunday but I am really happy for that person who helped his friend and spread a message across about it… At-least now people remember their friends on this occasion… THANK YOU Friend. 

As one of my friend Ruthu had quoted in his blog about an activity regarding friendship… On this day I will stand upto whatever he asked for and give up all my EGO and get back to meet up my besties and yes will either FORGIVE or ask for FORGIVENESS…. I will not let this be a Worst part of my small life……. Not to forget please tie Friendship Bands 


Let everyday be celebrated as Friendship Day..! After-all they are a part of our Family. 


With lots of love,

Ganesh Datta 

Original Article Published on August 2nd 2015.

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