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Earth a Miracle: Life - A Mystery

From 2000° Celsius to 15° Celsius, it took 4.5 billion years for our HOME to evolve, as we see it today. From a ‘Particle’ to gas of dust and rocks pulled together by the gravitational force led to the formation of our SOLAR SYSTEM, from which emerged our planet “The Earth: Our Home”.One of the 4 terrestrial planets, the latest one among them, where the only existence of life is seen. It was 4.3 billion years ago that our satellite Moon emerged out of a collision, where the debris was held together by the gravitational pull off earth.

From 4000 million years to the present, Earth or what we sometimes call as ‘Gaiah’ underwent tremendous and massive amount of changes for its formation. From the RADIOMETRIC Technology we have discovered how Earth came into existence. Here is a small glimpse about its formation and the present situation….

It started when a day lasted for 6 hours and the surface temperature was 2000° Celsius. Massive and intense GEOLOGICAL activities took place and work of volcanoes led Earth to be a composition of Hydrogen, Helium and Methane (The Deadly Gases).

How do we think water came into existence? It was around 3900 million years ago when a massive meteor striking took place straight for 20 million years. These meteors contained ‘Crystals’ that contained WATER. Down the line in 100 million years, earth had 95% of water on its surface. Due to the presence of water, temperature dipped to 185° Celsius. The oceanic water became rich in minerals due to the presence of ammonium metals. The process remained same for about another 100 million years, when LIFE came into existence. Single Cell bacteria’s were formed beneath the ocean.At around 3500 million years, a colony of bacteria’s started producing food for themselves, the process is called “Photosynthesis”, this led to release of a bi-product called “OXYGEN”. Due the presence of oxygen Iron rusts and settles down. Presence of Blue-Green Algae is seen. Over the next 2000 million years oxygen level increases. Earth now looks like a beautiful Blue Ball. Earth now starts spinning slower and Temperature dips down to 85°C.The most interesting part is, due to more geological activities, eruption of volcanoes and presence of water, a massive change hits earth’s atmosphere when the temperature dips to -650°C at around 650 million years ago. THE ICE AGE: Entire earth freezes down! Earth now looks like a massive snow ball, indeed a dwarf one. This is known to be the worst stage ever! This ice age exists for around 35 million years. Due to intense production of heat in earth’s crust, volcanoes erupt and there comes an end to the ice age.This is when the Ozone layer gets formed after a process of 50 million years.Formation of life comes into existence here. Primitive bacteria rises in the ocean and grow up to plants and a new generation of complex multi-cell organisms are formed.

Worms, sponges, insects, bony layered animals and many more come into existence.Life on earth evolves! After the Permian Extinction and Siberian Eruption, at around 200 million years ago Vegetation arises. Dinosaurs come into existence.Death of fishes and creatures beneath ocean turn to form oil, what we call it today as Crude OIL. Due to movement in Earth’s plates, the surface splits and rearranges itself as what we see it today. This took place around 180 million years ago just before the massive asteroid collision in the gulf of mexico.Fast forwarding, HOMO SAPIENS – Man came into existence 200,000 years ago after a series of evolution. Man, now starts to occupy the world and starts to think on his strive for existence.Man starts to get civilized and civilized societies called ‘Civilizations’ begin around 3000-5000 years ago.The growth of man begins….

Till now, we have seen how long it took for earth to evolve to perfectly suit humans. Over the past 400 years we have seen massive evolution of humans in terms of science and technology. Present situation is such that 80% of the mineral wealth is consumed by only 20% of world’s population.The concept of feeding ourselves has been misused by man. The past 50 years has seen tremendous change in the behavior of man. Over digging up of wells, extraction of crude oil and minerals, deforestation, killing of animals and causing for it’s extinction and many more.

We are destroying the cycle of life given to us. Since 1950 the entire world population has tripled! It has been effecting human life since then. Nearly 1 billion people go hungry every year, 5000 people die every year due to hunger, the average temperature of last 15 years is highest recorded, species are dying 1000 times faster than the natural rate, 13 million hectares of forests are disappeared every year leading to massive deforestation, over use of fossil fuels leading to it’s depletion and majorly the depletion of OZONE LAYER that protects us from harmful sun rays.

All these are being massive, faster and very quick in time. We are noticing climatic changes very frequently. Lot of the scientists are predicting that at least 250 million climatic refugees are going to be seen by 2050. It’s high time we stop misusing our planet to such a great extent. We need our future generations to live and survive. Let’s keep our HOME neat and clean.


Original Article Dated: 18th December 2014.

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