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How to overcome FEAR?

This was my first article written on LinkedIn and it is about what each one of us have within ourselves. F.E.A.R.

Many times we get stuck in situations where we are extremely uncomfortable and end up fearing such situations, sometimes turning out to be anxiety attacks. According to me, you can do these 4 things to get yourself out of that anxiety situation.

1. Use your imagination in a positive way - Your imagination gives you power, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box but it can also magnify your fears, making your situation seem much worse than it actually is. How do you deal with that? Pick a calm moment when you are relaxed and not anxious. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a situation that normally causes fear. Now, imagine that you are able to deal with that situation in a calm way in your mind. This helps you relax your mind and calm your nerves.

2. Use your brain in a different way than usual - Your fear and anxiety arise out of a certain part of your brain, and they allow emotion to overcome rational thought. When you start feeling fearful symptoms coming forth, try to use a different part of your brain. Like, start thinking about numbers, anything funny, or just something to distract your brain from this fearful thought that you are having.

3. Focus on your breathing - Usually, anxiety begins with short breaths. The short breaths cause a number of negative reactions in your body which quickly gets escalated to become an anxiety attack. The key to overcoming those fast outbreaks of anxiety is to control your breathing. Once you have recognized that you are becoming fearful, stop and focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath in, and then slowly let it out.

4. Use nature as your therapist - Natural beauty found in parks, backyards, or wherever something green is growing does help reduce symptoms of fear and anxiety. Nature calms people, reducing stress levels and changing moods from anxious to relaxed. Also, the physical activity of walking or jogging outdoors requires us to use our brains differently, which can cause a switch from irrational fearful thoughts to clearer thinking that can help overcome the fear.

These are my thoughts on how you can overcome fear. Share your thoughts in the comment section about fear and how you guys try to overcome that fear!

Add-on Bonus: I have added a video below for you to look at. Please do watch and listen to my opinion on FEAR and why we do it or get there.



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