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How to look Super-Confident?

How to look Super-Confident?

#1 Stand Tall - Take up space by standing tall. Keep your shoulders back, and keep your spine straight. This is going to offer you a host of physical benefits, but just as important, it's going to make you look and feel more confident. There are so many postures and gestures mentioned in the book. Do check out Talk without FEAR.

#2 Make Eye Contact - Eye contact is crucial for increasing your perceived confidence, and without it, you'll appear scattered or inattentive. When you speak, look at your recipient's eyes, or if you're in front of many people, alternate between them. There are tricks for this mentioned in the book called the “3 to 9 shift”. Do check out, the book is available on Amazon.

#3 Speak Slowly and Clearly - Speaking too quickly or in a low tone of voice can make you appear less than confident. It also leaves you vulnerable to saying things you don't mean or slipping your tongue. Take time to come up with better word choices and deliver them calmly which will make you seem more confident. There Are so many exercises included in the book which will help you improve your pitch, tone and voice. Do check out Talk without FEAR, now on Amazon.

#4 Keep Hands Visible - Your hands say a lot about you, whether you realize it or not. Keep them visible and marginally active in the conversation to look more confident. It's also important not to hide your hands by stuffing them in your pockets or folding your arms. Do check out the Body Language section in my book Talk without FEAR, available on Amazon.

#5 Take Big Steps - Take wide, surefooted steps with every move, rather than quick, hurried, or frantic steps. Don't be in a hurry to get anywhere, and remember to keep your body posture aligned. This slow, deliberate series of movements will make you appear confident. Stage presence creates a lot of impact. How do we present ourselves? More formulas are mentioned in the book Talk without FEAR.

#6 Be Calm - Whatever you do, make sure you do it calmly. Try to take deep breaths, and think about positive things if you feel a bit out of track. The more calm you are the more confident you will look to your audience. There are a few exercises that I recommend you to take before going on the stage. Do follow them in the quick tips and tricks bonus chapter in my book Talk without FEAR now available on Amazon.

There are so many chapters that you could relate to refer to in my book “Talk without F.E.A.R.”; do try out all the exercises and reach out to me, and I will share personalized feedback with you.

To sound a lot more confident - you can watch the below podcast with Mr Vikrant Tapaskar. Please note: You sound a lot more confident when you know your stuff.

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